5th edition Art By Chance theme is DISCOVER

We're back and very excited about next festival! 5th edition Art By Chance theme is DISCOVER. We're waiting for your 30 second gems.

We live in the greatest age of discovery.
Never before in human history has it been possible for everyone to go everywhere. To see the world with their own eyes. To discover its infinite richness and wonder. Our planet may have been mapped, but it is far from explored yet. There are cities that didn't exist 10 years ago.  There are cultures clashing and jumbling in untold ways. There are 7 billion people to meet, 7 billion friends to make, 7 billion stories to tell.
This year, Art by chance sets out to celebrate the act of discovery in all its forms, from people to places to ideas. To discover is a continuous deliberate life choice. And film, with its inquisitive, curious camera is its perfect medium.

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Lomo Choice winners

Lomo Choice winners; Yair Walden, Frank Bertram, David Köhlmeier, Daniel Frei and Eva Fontana received their LomoKinos'
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ABC 2012 Promotion Video

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ABC 2012 is on!

Art By Chance-2012-screening-poster

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Wellcome to our new contributor: Lomography

ART BY CHANCE inspiration emerges with Lomokino experince. We can't wait to see the results.

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MovieMaker Magazine's "20 Coolest Film Festivals" of 2011

Thanks to Movie Maker Magazine ART BY CHANCE is one of the Coolest Film Festivals 2011

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What is HOME?

Call for entries!
ART BY CHANCE is open for festival entries. 2012 theme is HOME. Please check the participation page for the details.

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ART BY CHANCE 2011- Look Around!

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ART BY CHANCE 2011 Selection

We proudly announce ART BY CHANCE 11 Selection

(in alphabetical order)
A Clockwork Blossom / E. Faccenda-L. Lacquaniti-Y. Yaghmai / Italy

Brain Eater / Shenja Berline / Belarus

Breathe In-Out / Nina Peter / Germany
Cast Iron / Yağız Mehdiabbas / Turkey
Change Is About / Stefano Bagnoli / Italy
ClimateSocks / Niklas Ben el Mekki / Germany
Cognite / Milos Obradovic / Italy
Currency and the Future / George Sikharulidze / USA
Democreative / Semih Uzunlar / Turkey
Fade Up / Miro Mastropasqua / Germany
Green Peas / Sergey Yazvinsky / Russia
Growing / David Köhlmeier / Austria
Hope / Sebastien Ginestra / France
Illusions / Nicola Gastaldi / Italy
Keep on Trying, / Lee Daniels / Brazil
Manhattan 4.33pm / Lizzie Oxby / UK
Minor CHANGES / Frank Bertram / Germany
Mousetrap (Change user) / Eckhard Kruse / Germany
Offlive / Dennis Schnieber / Germany
Primitive (love) / Dimo Petrov Trifonov / Bulgaria
Sleepyhead / Nenko Genov / Bulgaria
Teeter-Totter-Tam / Constantine Konovalov / Russia
The Duel / Aaron Rositzka- Julius Krenz / Germany

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Screening Countries

5th edition Art By Chance theme is DISCOVER. We're waiting for your 30 second shorts.

We live in the greatest... http://t.co/QSJjWjQiPa12 May